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black dre – fade away lyrics


black dre:
(verse 1)
still hiding all the money i get
new slave all i wanted was a chain and a whip
all i wanted was my pops to call or send me some mail
it never came, love is blind, i had to read it in braille
had a youngboy say he wanna be like me
if you focus on your goals then you just might be
and you throw your dead friends on a new white tee
and you do the right thing but you not spike lee
and i put this on my unborn child
my tears flow like the nile
for my n-gg-s in the ghetto never making it out
heard my cousin got a tumor and he still in denial
life is like a free throw how we live so foul?
trap houses crack viles it’s
a scary movie told by yours truly
we still moving
i still do it, without a drink
and i heard sleep related to death so it’s hard to blink

the devil calling my name i gotta stay away
hoping that i don’t fade away, fade away
momma used to put them clothes on layaway, hope this money don’t fade away, fade away
bills due and i ain’t getting paid today, hope this trouble gon fade away, fade away
no mater what, i know that ima make a away
pray to god i never fade away, fade away