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black dre – for my set lyrics


i live and die for my set, let it fly for my set
see i scan my p-ssport, then i fly on the jet
i never lie on my set, i run a mile for my set
and grind hard cuz the only thing in life is regret
got me rappin’ every bar like it’s a knife to my neck
got me writing up late i’m tryna slice up a check
and my cousin lookin’ different cuz he light up the wet
ima send a signal out he’ll run a light in a sec
they gon do em like caine and hit his back with the tec
cuz life deal cards you gotta slice up the deck
you can catch me out in canada, i crash in quebec
come back in the summer with some tats on my chest
uh, 96 pac n-gg- holla if you hear me
no mumble on the track i’m making sure they hear it clearly
and when i die down i know the world will miss em dearly
until then i’m spitting till you cowards come and k!ll me
real recognize real, a few gon feel me
traveled cross the world twice n-gg- but i’m still me
what you know about the winter time and can’t feel heat?
i got homies in the pen so i write it real deep
eps, 9 videos them n-gg-s still sleep
mb recording, black dre over a trill beat
starving so long my only question, “where the meals be?’
life after death versace shirt so silky
ride for my set, split a pie for my set
i’m worth a couple thou’ i’m tryna boss up my net
n-gg-s pulled up, they shot my pops in the chest
if i could go back i would’ve bought him the vest
big bro pulled up and we gon call it respect
like you was pops favorite, put his chain on my neck
and she gon fall in love because i f-ck her the best
gotta lead them to success, do it all for the set