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black “e” – b.a.n.n.e.r. lyrics


verse-black “e”

it’s time motherf-ckers for a changing of guard
revolutionary, like black fists to the stars
you n-ggas can’t see, so i’mma show you the plan
excommunicate the wack, and bury their fans
yeah i said it, i speak only the truth
plus why get mad, unless you knew it was you
these n-ggas holding their d-cks
while they wh0r- out my wife
sabotaging her name, straight rewriting her life
but your diamonds stay beveled
panoramic view level
keep you blind by design
strike a pose for the devil
no love for the art, like no foundation was laid
i crams to understand
why they got lyte in the shade
said f.u. to the teacher
disrespecting the god
mcs are dying, no more spitting for cause
so i gotta keep flowing
‘cuz the beat keeps going
and these b-tch -ss n-ggas, are the weeds that keep growing
it’s fah-q baby, we’re at the top of the chain
go against a five star general
are you f-cking insane
you lost the battle, plus you’re losing the war
it’s the darker motherf-cker, to even score
i never spit rhetoric, you’ve heard it before
strip the beat back down
‘cuz i’m bringing it raw
what the f-ck is going on, with all the glam and the glitz
can any motherf-cker, start doing this sh-t
got fake thug n-ggas, singing r&b actin’ a b-tch
sh-t n-gga, it took a turn for the worse
wack sh-t on the box, i’m going bezerk
ain’t no hate in my blood
just talent and sk!ll
this sh-t comes easy, ain’t no forcing of will
ain’t no selling my soul for a couple of mil
i’m the true essence, of keeping it real
it’s return of the battle, f-ck an image and look
got n-ggas trading heat, for simple -ss hooks
and these big booty b-tches, same f-cking vids
yeah you n-ggas lack focus, i’m clearing the grid
make way for the truth
‘cuz i honestly burn
i’ll rip away the crown, you illegally earned
f-ck repercussions, i’m not even concerned
let’s keep it moving, ‘cuz these b-tches won’t die
you think these corporate motherf-ckers
want hip hop to survive
i’ll make my hands bleed, from the words that i write
before i let a motherf-cker script the words to my life
i am hip hop, it’s like my essence and blood
the beat is the heart, and the words are the love
it’s time for perspective to put you n-ggas in check
some of these veteran cats, ain’t got it down yet
yeah, the game is simple, whether you know it or not
you’re either a b-tch -ss n-gga, or you’re calling the shots
is that sh-t out of your mouth, the bars that you wrote
or are you a fake -ss n-gga, spitting for ghosts
are you feeling my sh-t, even catching my thoughts
every bar motherf-cker, i do with heart
this is me my n-gga, ain’t no surrogate b-tch
give the five mics back
you’re not deserving of sh-t
yeah, return the pen and pad
walk away from the life, n-gga you’re part of the problem
stop causing me strife
yeah, i’m going for days, i know you’re catching my drift
insignificant p-wn, you won’t even be missed
[fade the game, n-gga]