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black gwaluh – big shit lyrics


[verse 1]
b-tch, i’m mob boss gwaluh but don’t call me no d-mn gotti
i’m from clayton county and that’s where i beat that f-cking body
hundred round drum, n-gg- and i keep that sh-t beside me
i don’t give a f-ck where i’m at, i’ll shoot that in the lobby
b-tch, i’m 59 brim ’til the reaper come and find me
i’m the problem solver, need that n-gg- whacked? just run it by me
i got shooters, all them n-gg-s young and h-lla f-cking slimy
and they from clayton county, n-gg-, ready to catch a body
dp on the beat

[verse 2]
push your motherf-cking set, b-tch this brimmin’ in my body
i got money on my head, i ain’t got time for moving sloppy
staying safe and moving smart, i keep the glock and chop beside me
run up on me if you want, i’ll be fighting another body
and i might just run again, i’m with a thick b-tch in hawaii
run it up then drop a 40 ’cause you know i gotta fight it
fast life, i’m exciting, that’s why n-gg-s’ b-tches like me
gave her d-ck then called a lyft, you cuffed her up and called her wifey
most the moves i make is sheisty
b-tch, i’m grimy, h-lla slimy
i got licks i’m lining up, you better hope these n-gg-s sign me
i ain’t been out for two months, the feds already wanna find me
tryna dodge another rico, why these n-gg-s on my body?
’cause i’m black and i got influential n-gg-s that’s behind me
i got k!llers that’s behind me, ain’t gon’ play no games about me
sliding in a suu whoop x6 with n-body
i ain’t even got no license, get left, you get behind it

[verse 3]
b-tch, it’s rules in this sh-t, we the motherf-cking mob
23, mmb, gangway, jur-ssic park
yhap gang, hit a n-gg- with the motherf-cking yhap
free the yhap, free the block, free my finger from this glock
get a p-ssy n-gg- knocked, get a gangster knocked too
i don’t give a motherf-ck you banging crip or you suu whoop
n-gg-, big brim, big glock, big gle coupe
on the way to alfa red and i got me a brick move
n-gg- think we partners, turn his -ss into a lick move
walk in, up that f-cking fire up and won’t sh-t move
everything gwaluh great dane, i ain’t no pitbull
big homie gwaluh, other n-gg-s ain’t on sh-t, fool