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black zheep dz – big bank rolls lyrics


i asked her if she ever had a n-gga like me, no….
she say i always wanted one tho
asked her if she ever had a n-gga like me, no….
she say i always wanted one tho
go go
bank rolls, think that you getting my dough?
h-ll no, you ain’t tho
tell me something i don’t know
poppin bands more than girls
popping p-ssy on a pole
for that paper getting thrown
to go get that remy sewed

[verse 1]
i got a dollar for every moment that you blink
i got a quarter tank
quarter of the dank
quarter of the drink
just me & my thoughts
not giving a f-ck on what you think
catch me riding styling whylin
with my you can fill the blanks
constantly comfortably k!lling these n-ggas for my comfort
but i won’t be comfortable until i can stop my hunger
since i’m wavy she gon ride me screaming cowabunga
f-ck you, pay me
you gon catch my drift like it’s a fungus
n-ggas be shady like their mama never taught em nothing
these n-ggas be ladies more than the women they be f-cking
that’s how it be
really not for me
i was born a prodigy
& my ppl proud of me
i got visions, i got visions
all of this a prophecy
you get clapped at & laughed at, boy you’s a comedy
open up your f-cking noodle like a box of yaka mein
these b-tches love an open mind so they open wide for me


[verse 2]
every n-gga that’s around me keep it g
every n-gga that’s around me gonna eat
i just spent a couple dollars on her feet
now baby wanna give me knowledge thru her t–th
swear i’m the smoothest n-gga rocking wallabees
she tells me your majesty i love your modesty
i was dropping n-ggas in my early teens
i been all about that drama you was watching on the screen
do a donut, put a donut in you for that crispy cream (krispy kream)
flea the scene
beat the case like the p-ssy
billy jean
yeah i’m bad