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blackdrift – f3dup! lyrics


[intro: slip2crazy & blackdrift]
yeah (let’s get it)
f+ck going on, slip?
let’s get this cash
lil b+tch
lil b+tch
let’s go, let’s go, let’s go (it’s slip)

[verse 1: blackdrift]
i could never get caught up over no instgram dm’a (at all)
and if i hit i’d always pull out, can’t make her no bm (uh, uh)
no i don’t even know her name, so for now she’s just my twin (my twin)
so, for now i just say “f+ck it”, i don’t even want yo pin
i don’t even want your opinion
aye, f+ck whatchu heard
i might just burn em’ up in an ashtray, none of my concern
light this sh+t up, i’m bout to burn up
feel like lone, i’m bout to turn up
we got weed and codiene, get that wok like i’m from poland (shoutout yachty!)
lets start here, you ain’t ever see me miss
like magic, yeah i got a couple tricks
lost vision, i ain’t ever see him since
then we saw the sun it hit
and i blew up off of “onestep” just like franklin
switch the script up, feel like franklin (grah, grah)
i count hunnids, them ben franklins (word)
presidential sh+t like franklin
that boy he keep dissing me, i don’t know why he talking
only making 3s like stephen, got that curry, i ain’t walking
if you in my shooter sights, he turn yo ass to stephen hawking
and that b+tch was on some bullsh+t, so i had to get to blocking
d+mn, i had to get to cropping, cropped her ass right out the picture (on god!)
the irony, i cut her off and then my bank account got richer (how come?)
and he ain’t even got no motion, talking bout “he got six figures” (he cap)
feel like makima, i forget the strap, the chainsaw get to fixing (grah grah grah)
[verse 2: slip2crazy]
i might drop a 4th of wokhardt in this cup and crush it up (woah)
c+c+classy b+tch be tight as f+ck
she call her friend, i knock her up (yeah)
glossy diamonds on the gang, i just told dexter “spark one up” (that’s gang)
i ain’t voting on that sh+t, it ain’t my word if it go wrong (f+ck no)
i ain’t stressing ’bout no b+tch cause i got options
and opps hit on yo block, that’s yo twin
pick ’em up, wait no, you dropped him
i saint laurent my b+tch out
got a fat ass wit a back end (woah)
and she tapping out when i’m wrapping it
and she suck me up, oh u like it then?
how you f+cking with me and then f+ck with my opps? (uh)
b+tch picked both sides like the b+tch bis+xual
she grabbing my+ (huh?)
now this b+tch speaking s+xual
that is my language, but i’ll find a better you (yeah yeah)
shotguns sh+lls spit out like vodka
send him up to god with your father
no dissing on my blocka (on god)
this draco got him dancing like he uzi, he just wanna rock
tell my b+tch turn on the jersey drill and hit the moon walk
smooth criminal, a k!lla, bruh
that’s how i was raised (yeah)
and this .40 gonna make him s+s+stutter on the pavement (dexter, yeah!)
[verse 3: dexxx]
check, big ass .40, know it’s gonna bang back (yeah, boom!)
you flexing on the gram, ain’t that them same racks?
and you saying i love her, nah, but why you saying that?
these n+ggas be throwing up signs, but i don’t bang that
chasing all these racks, and i’ma get ’em
put that on my bros (woah)
keep my pockets fat, i’m one to save it
i don’t like to blow
ima f+ck lil shawty then i kick her out, out the room (go!)
she know that it’s dexter (really?)
so she tryna come next afternoon (yeah, yeah, yeah!)
i’ve really been that man (okay!)
i don’t really got no time for jokes (okay!)
bullets tryna catch a tan (woah!)
summertime coming like way too close (yeah!)
your b+tch gon’ hit that dance
on my d+ck, she hit it like a pro (let’s go!)
she told me she a fan, but i’d still f+ck her like a hoe
really been tryna go up (yeah!)
but few n+ggas be saying i changed (yeah yeah!)
i do not do this sh+t for money
i just do this for my gang (yeah!)
no you cannot get nun from me
all you fake n+ggas the same (the same!)
told me “wrap up like a mummy”
but my pullout game insane (yeah!)
[outro: dexxx]
ha ha ha
dexter, yeah!



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