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bladee – safehouse lyrics


[verse 1: bladee]
money children, gucci eyes, disney vision
black magician, holy sword, evil spirit
secret mission, magic stones in my necklace
heal infection, rainworld, shield protection
true religion, t-shirt, true religion
young bladee, riding around like a super villain
purple prius, don’t cross me like jesus
night vision, i can see if they see us
leather jacket, living in cold conditions
north face 700, eternal wisdom
f-ck the system, rainworld, money system
10 years of solitude made me independent

[pre-hook: bladee]
3 for my jeans when it’s 50 off
barbwire black house, i got 60 locks
3 for my jeans when its 50 off
barbwire house, i got 60 locks
it’s a safehouse, it’s a safehouse
it’s a safehouse, it’s a safehouse

[verse 2 x2: bladee]
i’m dressed up in keyrings, i’m smoking, i see things
rain king, no feelings, this timezone is evil
cartier breitlings, i run with the lightning
i’m in the sky, if he wanna die i will strike him