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blake ian – face the wind lyrics


[verse 1]
are you afraid to take a walk along a dark night in the rain
are you afraid to fall in love again afraid to face the wind
are you afraid to walk with confidence? afraid to play the game
afraid to fall asleep without a compass or a pin
are you afraid to jump into the sky before you count to ten
afraid to look into the eyes of consciousness within
are you afraid of what you might become a sacrificial lamb
a man who stands before the light and still can’t understand

[pre chorus]
what it is to win
before you begin
some people can

face the wind

[verse 2]
are you sad because you lost someone or happy to be free
to find out what a day is worth when you’re where you oughta be
the complicated sentiments have all gone out to sea
in time we all will be as one in time in time

[pre chorus]
but shadows fall like rain
into the arms of flame
its time to shed this skin

and face the wind

[verse 3]
we whisper conversations of the peace we try to keep
we wake up with the our voices torn from screaming in our sleep
now the waters not as cold when the rivers not that deep
and round and round the story goes around and round again

[pre chorus]
the song it pulls you in
an old familiar friend
reminds you where you been

to face the wind