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blokkathadead - too much // so little lyrics


b+tch stop looking at my phone
stay the f+ck up out my business
top dog sh+t
give a f+ck about you business
i could give a f+ck, ill dump it all and clear the field b+tch
homie said he in some sh+t, he told me all the business
told me let know, they want trouble? make it known
got a couple guns and i ain’t scared to make it blow
know if i pull a gun, it ain’t a stunt, i aim above your throat
and if can not hit yo head your chest be all over the door
keep it by my side, already know protect my own
but in this town a lot of people talk and that’s just how it go
id rather go to jail because you die, then family die on bro
im not paranoid you motherf+ckеr, just always on my toes
who gon die tonight?
me or you? alright
if its up, its up, not going down without a fight
i been solo, crawling deep all in thе night
i ain’t new to this, like battle plans, i get it right
p+ssies talk too much
hoes talk too much
i don’t give a f+ck
all i know is that its done
on a misson
all suspicious
keep it right and keep it buck
like a f+cking ef5, coming thru and f+ck it up
people think sh+t sweet, i guess its all perspective
you see a tree, i see the graves, i guess its all perspective
you see order, i see craziness and hectic
you see bad luck, but i see the blessing

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