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bo burnham – h-o-a-r lyrics


well i’m the girl for every high school guy
yeah, i got everything
a little shirt and a skirt so high
every month you can spot a cotton tampon string

i’ll drop my books and then i’ll bend
and then i’ll bend a little more
everybody thinks ashley’s my best friend
well that b-tch is a wh-r-

with a capital h-o-a-r
ignorance is bliss
who needs feminism, with an -ss like this?
and a capital h-o-a-r
you guys liking what you see?
’cause if beauty’s on the inside
you might as well go inside me

well i’m the guy for that high school girl
yeah, partyin’ is my life
in a few hours i’ll be hittin’ the gym
and in a few years i’ll be hittin’ my wife

“ya know, i like to hang loose”
“no way, so does my crotch”
“well i hope you brought your man juice, ’cause i bought scotch”

with a capital one no h-ssle card
stolen from my dad
dignity’s overrated
self respect’s a fad

well i’m like a game of baseball
’cause there’s something you might catch
well, and if you put out
i’d say that we’re a perfect
i’d say that we’re a perfect
i guess that we’re a perfect match
a perfect match
a perfect match