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bogii – oh god please lyrics


“the following is an introduction”

in my vision i’m surrounded by images of
seraphim, cherubim, and ophanim as witnesses
as they surround me standing high, waiting for the moment
that i finally lie down and give my atonement
there’s something special about the undivided attention
even though i know that the wrath that follows is unrelenting
i’m still an un+repenting motherf+cking nemesis in the making
so as i burst into flame; i rebirth in the name of satan
wrap my eyes in cloth
they bled from the start
physical vision lost
i writhe in the dark
(nah) i thrive in the dark
i know my soul is gone
but all that truly means
i am one pure of heart
so now i’m left on earth with the rest
that crawl on their stomachs in the search of the next
one species, one being in check
i stand beside the only thing that free me from death

according to the numbers i’m almost done with a quarter of my
everything, almost done climbing to my post+mortem
then at the end i’m free forming and aiming for the moment
to go out on a totem and then quickly have a kid reporting
that another son of a mother has ended his suffering, that it’s
back to you in the shelter of youth and our squalor, so holler!
then they’ll pick and pack it up and cut to another bawler
or brawler, whatever burns the brightest and blackest dollar

oh what a wonderful world that twirled in our palms
that sang and soared as we wrote out our psalms
the fangs that roared “you will pay for your balms”
the gangs and wars; “can’t we all just get along?”
nah. that would be no fun
how would i know i’m a man without a big gun?
as i compensate for something that freud made up
just know i’m a nihilist; i don’t give a f+ck
i make things harder than they’re supposed to
but in the end, i do it better than most do
pack a lot of punch in a small bite like soul food
leave you grasping for the bottom of a bottle of soju
made of tofu, the way you crumble
grumble all you want, but i’ll never be humble
when i’m in your bubble in your face
6+2+point+5; you will finally know your place
beneath, nah, underneath the throne i keep
i will say, these human games are fun
insulting someone else with clever little puns
while referencing culture that you all share
is the cutest way of showing that you all care
i don’t. i’ve outgrown my human form
not worried about a hook so that you could singalong
blinding light is enveloped by the cuneiform
for the sole purpose of informing you that i have won

how many can say that they turned away from the hill of zion and let it be bygones?
how many have k!lled a seven+head dragon
and stole the steeds of the four hors+m+n?
how many could conversate with legion
and speak the tongues of every region?
now let the scales fall from your eyes
how many could you say never die?
let the h+rns play. and the walls fall
while i’m in the desert letting temptation call
i’ll drop more bodies than a man named saul
predict your future while wrapped in a shawl
lucifer, beelzebub, the beast, satan
allah, yahweh, god, i am
the devil, the lamb, serpent, jesus christ
under many names, it is i
it’s not a competition: you never stood a chance
you were too busy learning how to prance; never took a stance
i didn’t beat you at your own game: you were never a player
and how i let you down easy consider it a favor
you bore me
as i search for glory, as the end’s malforming
from night to the morning and back, here i am
the blessed and the d+mned

from your daydreams to your nightmares
from your playthings to your punishers
i’m right there
who what where when why; it is i
embodiment of life until it dies

an infinite array
an abundance of carbon
and the quarks at play
an environment of heresy
and a circle each day

increase the entropy x8
(dissolve into chaos)