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bogii – wake up lyrics


“there’s nothing new under the sun”

has your behavior been a little bit different?
has your savior been a little bit missing?
has your patience been a little expended?
has your ego been a little extended?
we hope you’ve enjoyed your stay
inside the box we’ve kept safe
for such a rainy day
you don’t have to leave
forever in time, gives you long enough to grieve
i guеss it’s been a minute, huh?
since i took those visits to thе clinic, huh?
since i took prescriptions to fix me, huh?
since i had a vision to finish, huh?
the art of living, i’ve been an amateur, sitting
waiting for the feeling to be able to make a k!lling, i’ve
as for the top, it’s spoken for
you’ll never see someone do it like this before

there was a severe lack of amphetamines
find my value in the presence of this magazine
lost in my thoughts, found myself in the mezzanine
watching my life take place before my very being
i’ve spent a lot of reflecting on what i want
i’ve been listening to echoes of a time that’s now gone
i suppose this wall i’ve built has acted as my perianth
time is trickling and fickle, but i still never flaunt, never gaunt (cut!)
never meant, never been, never mind…
(sound of stagehands communicating and repositioning)

tip of the tongue, the top of the lips
cutting the
back of a brick, and sinking a ship
a bevy of pr+cks, that ring in a b+tch
that levy their cl!cks, a swing and a miss
the audacity to believe that i’m different
the capacity of an actor, being to enact a piece that i have written
i’ve absolved of feeling, no resolve to find my paris
never meant to audition, never been one to be careless
never mind the clutter, i know everything’s placement
and i know that i need the ambition to get up and out of that bas+m+nt
but if everything’s imaginary, and quite to the contrary
then i feel played out and weary before i even
take the stage
(all right, everyone take their places!)

take the stage
even if it’s a play of a script
of a single page
and the understudy couldn’t make it that day
and the gaffer’s assistant bumped the spotlight and shifted the ray (lights!)
for that single solitary moment
where i have the audience’s attention
and can control it
to make a statement and then unload it
to create a thought that they had to interpret and take home with (from the top!)
to make art
the only human connection that i could play a part

i’m gonna’ do it in a way they never did
witness the transformation of the nervous kid
in full bloom, leave no room for skeptic’s wish
bleed my soul for the art, only death is the tourniquet
until the ego pops, until sisyphus stops
until the hubris melts the wings and i hit the drop
from the beauty of h+ll to the horror of heaven’s gate
i’ll give you a reason to remember the name