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bolt thrower – dark millennium lyrics


you feel confusion and new torment as your mind decays
devolution of your life – begins today – begins today

hear the sirens scream in vain
despair for your life
hope is futile as the missiles strike
a cruel twist of the knife

those that dominate, direct their hate
life obliterates, humans terminate

hope for future, is what you say
with your world in ruins, what a price to pay

as you crawl through the wreckage – it’s hard to believe
could mankind really be so naive
this world now twisted, brought to its knees
with the people in power left to oversee

a world totally deformed, no hope of being reborn
the heart from it now torn, this world now we all mourn

look to the future, on your knees now pray
with this world in ruins, what a price to pay

you world’s now in ruins
what a price… you paid