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bolt thrower – what dwells within lyrics


an unseen force tears through your soul
revealing memories past life unknown
fervent emotions from deep within
inner transformation now begins

life before you cannot conceive
thoughts repressed denial to believe

precise ident-ty you cannot tell
existing inside this mortal sh-ll

summon the powers that dominate
grasp your inner strength seize control of hate
a forgotten past a life of normality
this sudden transition redirects your destiny

consumed with resentment hatred you now possess
potency awakened from eternal rest
through invocation to an existence you detest

what has become of your humility
corrupted through change to anguish and misery
as man’s preordained fate now doses in
you’re a silent witness to what dwells within

as man judges all by outward impressions
our status is cl-ssed through amounting possessions
whilst shrouding the truth through delightful [-sings “deceitful] expression
injustice presides by m-ss edacious obsession