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boof gang – intro (the start) lyrics


[verse 1: lil’ velko]
i was 15 hittin l!cks in the mazda
call me future cuz im f-ckin up a coma
yeah we get to actin not really wit the drama
always stay strong and thats on my f-ckin mama
pull up to the crib four deep in designer
hit u wit it, yousa little f-ckin winer
rollin deep, like the f-ckin 49ers
can’t search me up, imma mothaf-ckin minor
you on them, like a f-ckin meat rider
no you not in it, just a lil outsider
do she know we comin? hold up lemme remind her

[verse 2: thraxx]
b-tch i’m a playboy you ain’t cuffing me
never switch and that’s all on me
try to pull up call the 4sg
give me 5 and i’m bound to skeet
b-tch we boolin 10 deep 4 cars
yeah you know the boof on me like a scar
it’s the mindset that you gotta live
never take handouts and no i don’t give
b-tch you know i’m boolin everyday uh
whether in the explorer or the chevy
that thing really loud when i pull up to your house
talk sh-t and i’ll shoot you like a grouse
you ain’t sh-t to me i’ll stomp you like a mouse
talking sh-t on my gang you know ill sprout
but you know you ain’t gonna f-ck wit my gang
cause try and do that lll let that 68 bang

[verse 3: xparah]
this the start of the century
get the keys to the chevy
your b-tch is so petty
my mind on the fetty
you know i bool heavy
looked up crashed the chevy
i do not drive steady
your b-tch is my letty
blue faces in my bag
got supreme i do not lag
this the game you was stagnant
blowing past causing havoc
uh no way you ain’t f-cking wit me
do you think that you have a chance
i’ll pull up in my hemi
i won’t take a second glance
cause you know that i ain’t f-ckin wit you
pull up with the gang you know i’m in that coupe
i’m in that chevy turn your crew in to soup
b-tch -ss ricky you ain’t pull up wit juice
your boy took pogos beat let’s hear a new excuse
i’ll hang your lil crew tie up a big noose
you is a b-tch on this beat is abuse
this whole tape i introduce
while you try to diffuse