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boysnightout (boys night out) – crazytown lyrics


don’t wanna play with your heart girl
i just play these bands and i do it all week
i just count these bands just to spend on me
i be in the bnb in dk for the week

me and swoopy off the kush now, geekin all week
bno gang, can’t get these stans off me
don’t wanna play with your heart girl
don’t wanna play with your heart girl

sg lily:
i’m in universal rolling, rolling, roll+
all this cash that i’m holding, holding, hold+
bno never folding, folding, fold+
in the club, who you know, you know, you know?
philipp plein on my coat, my coat, my coat
spray perfume on my throat
catching flights, i’ve been going, going, going
taking trips to the store, the store, the store
and i got these bands on me
i can’t get these fans off me
she got all these plans with me
baby who’s your man? not me
in the mall girl, i’d buy you the moon
i’d do anything for you
swear you love me, say it’s true
say it ‘cause i’m leaving soon
babygirl let go off my hand
i’m just trynna get to the bag
everyone asking what’s my plan? and i don’t know
nothing really matters but you and bno

i’m so sick and tired of sleeping ’til the sun’s gone
down in copenhagen i’ll see you when i come home
wintertime it’s freezing imma let you take my coat
down here in the bnb, i’ll see you when i’m home