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brazy da bo$ – the game lyrics


the game

find ya own lane stay away from lames / that’s how you make it in the game../
stack change maintain spit crack cocaine/ that’s how you make it in the game../
do it by ya self prove you don’t need help/ that’s how you make it in the game../
learn from mistakes peep game from the greats/ thats how you make it in the game../

i know its a rare chance i’ma make it 1 in a million/ people faking acting like they feel him/most don’t care they all for self/ i work hard to get my music on the shelf/, itunes, google play, amazon, spotify, tidal/ do u feel my wave?/ or are u stuck in a maze? you poor slave/ i’m just tryna free u i’m just tryna see you accomplish many accomplishments/ it all started off with a lil of confidence/ enough content to take years off still drop constant/ still relevant intelligent fly black pelican raven tasting that heaven sent/ for the h-ll of it/ extra loud like its yelling it/ i miss that stage life / hit the studio perform that same night/


now i’m riding scoping out my horizon/ i know the police hiding/ waiting to ruin somebodys life when
they turn on their sirens/ you have the right to remain silent/ so my lips sealed/ all that snitching that’s how you get k!lled/ i just wanna make rhymes get mills/ get ya coat my flow cold like the wind chill/ head to toe all around like a wind mill/flip it upside down i win still/ with no effort i stand still/
wipe me down like a wind shield/
bossing often til i’m in a coffin/
lost in my dreams don’t wake me its awesome/controlling the game with my strings that’s what i call flossing/laid back on a hammock somewhere in fallston/


i remember thinking sometimes i’m wasting my time/ don’t want the world judging me like i’m facing some time/ guilty til proven innocent/ we all immigrants/ this country full of hypocrites/ they set us up to fail and be illiterate/ they hate when we prevail even a little bit/ they brought it on they self and got what they deserved/ no court papers they the ones being served/ what goes around comes around /karmas a female dog that’ll gun you down/ bullet proof vest can’t save you from a head shot/ said it once before my circle tight like a red dot/ i lose friends every year/ now days everybody shift gears/ no surprise i done seen it all/ charge it to the game had to learn to ball/