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breathe carolina – the birds and the bees lyrics


i hope you know i swear to god
i hope you know that this won’t stop
(god d-mn, just another heartbreak)

i swear to god i won’t stop until your shakin
trust me baby you know i want you to
and let me slide into you please baby
and if you’re screamin, than i’m screamin too
if you want it let me bring it, let me sneak into your house tonight

breathe in
and i’m coming to these terms that my heart won’t beat anymore
i just can’t get it
sing along sing if you want, ten more seconds till we’re through the door.
and it’s a dance party everyone’s looking for, been drinkin tonight and i won’t stop, when it’s a quarter to four daylight is breakin


i’ll call you in the morning if you think it’s right
is it over? is it over…
it was a dance party, everyone looked just right, i played you all night, would you believe me if i told you that i want you, and everyday i felt this way? would you take me to the place you know the one that leaves me all alone… wait right here just for a minute we’ll talk a little just about it
i will take it slow, i won’t let you go.