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bri & rielle – hey god lyrics


verse 1:
is god real how can he be?
if there’s evil in this world
if god’s omnipotent why don’t he
stop suffering for good
i guess there is no god since
it don’t know there’s evil here
or it don’t have enough power
or this god just doesn’t care

a priori
is it even possible to know if
god is out there
if i’ve never seen a miracle
guess i don’t need
proof cause i believe it’s true
just want to know if theres a
prime mover who started this motion
did we humans come from one non-contingent being, that’s god, oh
how did this all begin

verse 2:
think of the perfect island
gaunilo says it real
immanuel kant would argue
that existence don’t matter
is there a designer out there
creating human life
or did we evolve from monkeys, was charles darwin right

a posteriori
god came down from heaven
that’s when
i’d know he’s real
he exists in all of us
that’s proof we know god’s here
but if god makes decisions for us
where is our godd-mn free will
if god has a plan for all of us
do we make our own choices

how can we appreciate the
good in our
without the bad days hey, was that god’s intent?
for evil
is it right that some believe in
god just to get to heaven
heaven means you must live pure
no s-x no drugs just church

maybe we don’t
need proof or experience
to wager for
our best chance in the afterlife
if h-ll exists
don’t know if i can deal with
eternal d-mnation
if god’s the best thing in my mind
there’s nothing greater in all of time
just wish god would show me a sign
cause all these arguments seem right