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brian cabagnot – buk lau diss track lyrics


[intro: brian cabagnot]
so many people to diss
so many people
lets get it..

[verse 1: brian cabagnot]
hello mother f-ckers
hey, hi, how you’ve been?
summer is almost over
its about to be fall term
i’m just trying to kick it
just trying to have more fun
this weekend will be like the last one!
i’m bcab
y’all know me!
i’m that dude with the fake -ss homies
y’all fake as f-ck for making fun of me
my shit is none of your business
like the frog drinking tea
i’m the best baller from providence high!
when you see me you be like he ain’t telling a lie
i don’t p-ss the rock right it stays with me
with out me you all would’ve been zero and twenty-three
shout out to all ballers doing their thing
except you ethan jacobson thinking you can bang
hope you doing well hope to see you soon
just don’t make mistakes like the one at asu
speaking of big man there is grant menke
walking around town, smelling all stanky
remember the times i whooped your -ss
you eat like a pig b-tch you have no cl-ss
can’t forget your own roomie old buena too
i have a little something to say to you
you played with her feelings you f-cked her over
just like in the game that’s another turn over
then there is aundre fat o’ fats machine
still fat as f-ck even in your teens
promise me you’ll never ever ball
i remember gwen saying that you had something so small
oh drew you f-cked her too
now you have that annoying b-tch next to you
yeah you scarlet don’t even try to dip
i don’t know if its you or scarlet whose so f-cking whipped
i’m not done
then there’s a dude who’s been trying so hard
sniper lil j who’s not that hard to guard
he’s been my day one homie high-key
but dude quit crying that you ain’t got a wifey
then there’s chua whose flexing like a gangster
when will you get it dude that she don’t need ya
jd and jobro you are such f-ggots
you think you blew your chance you never even had it
you can’t even date you ain’t got the tricks
just keep lifting weights