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brian dewan – obedience school lyrics


and when i was in obedience school
i could make a rabbit stew
i could fix a sewage pipe
i could build a beaver dam

then i moved to a rooming house
no one tells me what to do
now i play with bottle caps
i can break a drinking gl-ss

people tell me every day
“don’t tell people what to do!”
well, that’s all right‚ i’ll do it like you tell me to
everybody is in charge
cooks aplenty‚ making broth for everyone
b-mping into everyone

back when i was in obedience school
i could fold a paper plane
i could wear a pilgrim hat
i could ring the dinner bell
sit beside a metronome
listen to an intercom
file into a corridor
be made to do a jumping jack
sing a song of loyalty
wearing but a paper dress
standing in the morning rain
sing the song all o’er again
spend the afternoon indoors
making useful things from trash
learn to fill a candy dish
eat a can of tuna fish
scour a scrub a bas-m-nt sink
sweep around a skating rink
oh‚ those bygone days
they were so peaceful and great