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brian gonser – poetic portrayal lyrics


[verse 1]
instead of monetizing rhymes, we should prophesize
poetic justice in between my lines
labeled up and coming, a kid on the rise
all the fame depicts the prediction of demise
so, let’s look at the picture
a painted mona lisa only visioned by the richer
now look at i’m pictured, a teen with no future
so i replace all my grades with some humor
i treat school as a burden
get up every morning
and i’m barely even learning
i take more from the game
now i’m focused on putting on and breaking the plain
the barriers are standing, waiting to be broken
the talent at my age, chris miles, token
i’m not even mentioned, patient for attention
crazy… i wrote my first bars in detention
what does that mean?
the troubled at the rubble have a significant dream
with the most ambition out of every single student
if i make it to the show then my statement has been proven
therefore, i keep moving, explaining my story
hoping one day i const-tute to glory

[hook: x2]
i write to block the pain
the black sheep kid with a problematic brain
i found my purpose, poetic portrayal
got a book full of verses

[verse 2]
instead of talking suicide
the enemies, mentally
should be unified
school is just a way bullying is utilized
my dreams looks absurd in my mom’s eyes
the perception of depression depicts your demise
so, let’s get specific
poetic portrayal, very far from a gimmick
i don’t listen to a critic cause they see a spitten’ image
of me, my ways, how i walk around
my thoughts on opinions and the people i surround
but… i don’t stay in reality
my feet off the ground, with a cloud mentality
i could flop, get dropped, make a path to the top
all the bad feedback could never make me ever stop
i’ve made it too far, and this is what i live for
won’t be the adult that’s always wishing that he did more
what’s the price of being rich
selling souls to get a goal, with the money you can fix
every flaw you see, who you wanna be
for bad, for worse, all bright amenities
i hope it turns out cause i don’t have a plan b
i could quit right now or hustle to a grammy
rest in peace grammie
i hope you recognize, my music, my doings
i hope you don’t despise, cause this is my life
all my dedication, the sh-t i be making is my own salvation
instead of saving nations, i be saving myself
for nothing less, f-ck the wealth
no mind on money, no mind on matter
f-ck it man, i hope my pockets don’t get fatter