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brojob - girth brooks lyrics


the glory hole breaker
a mass of meat so engorged that no one can take it
as he slides his shaft through the hole in the wall
i see the paint on the wall start to peel
and my mouth is overcome with fear
drooling for behemoth
with his third leg, he’s like a tripod
if he ever got full fast
he’d probably faint at the f+cking blood loss
calling my name with his southern drawl
girth brooks has a c+ck that could give nightmares to you all

it’s like a second torso attached to his pelvis
i could grab his d+ck and pole dance
his tip is a football

just going down
on this man, i have to unhinge my jaw like a snake
i’ve seen the meat in person and sometimes i still think it’s fake
we could line up for miles
starting at his head and stretching back to his b+lls
he can use a hula hoop as a c+ck ring
and, even then, he might need two

this is the first time i’ve seen a c+ck that i could f+cking fist
this man has a d+ck that gives off shade
shove your d+ck in my ear and mindf+ck me
he knocks items off the shelves at the super market
just trying to turn while containing the furious meat rocket
stretch the feeling out of my mouth

self+containing armageddon sits in his pants
stitches straining, fly is breaking
holding back his kickstand
after he cums, he recoils his fleshly firehose
delivering jizz at a lethal dose

i need to double+hand grab it and hold it like a shovel
you need to trowel my f+cking bowels
this enormous d+ck just bruised my godd+mn kidney

the veins on his c+ck are thicker than a tube sock

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