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brotha lynch hung – mannibalector lyrics


(feat. crookwood & cos)


[verse 1:]
now, that i know it’s time to eat
i can feel it in my gut
and i’m about to run up
and put a gun up in ’em
cut up in ’em
autocratic, automatic reaper
i will leave ’em bleedin’ in the street
with the heater
diabolical, after i follow you
i eat your meat up
while you swallow
i swallow a bottle as i eat the
anatomy, amityville
mannibal can and he will
man i’m an animal
when i’m heatin’ ’em up, i’m lethal
you don’t want to be f-cking with me
i eat dead people
i’m that n-gg- that’s keeping body parts in the freezer
sh-t, f-ck her and leave her
i’d rather put her up until i’m hungry then i eat her
to the doctors [?] cause the cops will never see her
i eat [?] faster than a crocodile
believe it
now i wish a n-gg- would
that’s what emcees get
these motherf-ckers is b-tches
i hit ’em in the cleavage

yeah, i’m mannibalector
she’s standing there naked
i’m ’bout to get naked
she’s tied to the bedpost
i like to give head [?]
she likes to give head best
blood on the headrest
strange music b-tch
you can tell by the necklace
i carry me a chainsaw but this ain’t the texas
chainsaw m-ssacre
n-gg-r worse than the manson murders
i turn ’em to hamburger

[verse 2:]
i put ’em in the trunk of the droptop
i don’t wanna get blood on my pioneer boxtop
operation make pasta
making ’em test the spaghetti noodles
i’m a coo coo
and a local in the [?]
with a cleaver in the dresser
butcher knife a machete
i do you in the p–p chute
poke ’em and i undress ’em
and leave ’em in the recipe
i told you i was an atheist
eating ’em with lettuce and meat
puttin’ n-gg-s in a wok pot
takin’ n-gg-s to the chop shop
n-gg-s is as soft as a box of cotton
n-gg-s be off that oxycotton
probably rotten ’em, body rotten
obviously potty [?]
probably not in [?] yet, internet cable
watching id channel because i’m [?]
and cocaine in cellophane wrapped up under the table
ready to murder rappers, cut ’em and clap ’em
reppin’ the label
blue house in the stable
many macks on the table
tornado, nato
[?] get [?] in [?]


[verse 3:]
fresh out the motherf-ckin’ county jail
pillows with no feathers and the county smell
black sweat t-shirt, brown as h-ll
if a n-gg- try to f-ck with me i crown his head
he don’t wanna get bl–dy does he?
i’m gonna have to get muddy buddy
hit ’em with the chainsaw cuddy
leavin’ his brains raw dummy
i’m gonna have to get silly putty
i’m gonna have to hit ? ugly
i’m gonna have to get really ugly
killing cuddy, killing cuddy
mr. mcgillicuddy, he’s the high school teacher
use to take the b-tch to the closet to teach her
until he took my daughter to the closet to teach her
now i’m using his head as my alb-ms main feature
serial killers kill a n-gg- i’m timin’
i’m the creature
from the black side of town now i’m about to eat [?]
cut her up and i eat her
crack domes like easter
easter, egg, leave me, eat her