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brother beair – feed em lyrics


[mungo vs greg brown]
you and little fella wanna go?
smash em mungo, get ‘im brah
uppercut the c-nt mate uppercut ’im brah
uppercut ‘im mungo uppercut ‘im
uppercut em brah
feed the motherf-cker

verse 1
[brother beair]
she doesn’t play soccer but she’s got a man’s chest ah
put you in a trance, as a rocker i’m the best ah
shootin’ at your feet, make you do the dance
-ss can’t fit in pants, now she’s askin’ for a sesh ah
can’t p-ss my test, get no respect
you’re a snot, only guns you got made outta texta’s
your -ss will get checked
barrels hot
chick’s a thot
claim to be trevor but you’re lookin like lester
i drink concrete just to harden up
make the money rain like i’m fazin up
matter fact
make these kiddies cry like when faze blaze was caught blazin up
make you conform
sp-wn a new forum of a few supporters with delirium
rise like helium
evolve like absolem
make a chick cry like she was sprayed with capsic-m
got work to do with my music
i’m ironing out the creases
make you breathe a breath of fresh air from the swirling breezes
i came from the dirt, brother beair was sworn to be this
born with the cord around my neck
literally rapping since a fetus (yah)
now i can afford the og weed please agree
that james can cook with no heat
there’s no hook so forget smee
brother beair attract b-tches like doggy treats

[brother beair]
got nudes from chelsea, -rs-nal
make the rules and you never see me p-ss the ball
you got no drive like your car just stalled
if you wanna be real, give me a f-cking call
make that sh-t astronomical
say some sh-t to create a chronicle
say some sh-t to melt ya popsicle
and leave the beat in a f-cking hospital