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brothers keeper – be like you lyrics


i, i wanna swing like tiger
hit like mcguire
put myself on top
i, i wanna drive like gordon
and hoop like jordan
come on, i gotta stop

everybody wants money like gates
it would be great to have a little more
but all of the fame and the fortune i could gain
but i wouldn’t trade for

you are the only one that is true
and i wanna be like you

i wanna be like you, be like you are
free from sin to shine like stars
with my eye single and full of light
i wanna be like you so i’ll be what’s right
be like you if i wanna win
i might stumble but i start again
i wanna be where you are
you’re my star

i, i put on my disguise
living a lie, i thought i would have fun
i, out of my own fear, i shed many a tear
i tried to be someone
now i finally know
and happy to show that you’re all i need
to be the one you’ve made me
for your glory for the world to see

like a windmill, spinning round and round
focus at the wrong thing looking at the wrong crowd
i’m only hoping to be like you
you’re the only one that i need to pursue