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brothers keeper – from this day on lyrics


in heaven there’s an ancient book that charts the ways of
there written are the choices of each day
when it’s read before the nations gathered in the end
my prayer is that one page will finally say

from this day on
for nothing less than all that we could give
from this day on
no turning back, no selfish treasure hid
from this day on
we served our king, with countless battles won
we gave our all, from this day on

i’ve wasted time on fleeting things that wither, rust or
casting precious hours to the wind
and now that i’ve been made brand new, the old is p-ssed
this is the day eternal life begins

if not us, who?
if not now, when?
let’s dive into eternal joy
let life begin

together we will celebrate as countless ages p-ss
if you will dare and stand with me (stand with me) and