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btd spectre - 45 to face lyrics


[verse 1]
ayy, smoking my weed, can’t feel my face
stuck in a dream, flow out of sp+ce
i’m off of these drugs, i sniff, like break my money and dreams
no, god won’t pray to the depths and burn
no, nothing okay
my life was a lie, like dead mistakes
if you crave my fate, okay
nothing but death, then heads so rare
yeah, some of this day that they still hate
you beat me down, never pop them flames
off a cliff i ride, wanna die today
with the words you speak, no way
there’s love in the two part ways
you stuck in a loop, i’m stuck in a daze
still throwing your shade, [?] okay
f+ck you and that last stop
playing this game for the best, it’s time to walk away

[verse 2]
i got, i got, i got, i got, knots up in my stomach
i’ve been racing like a comet, friend
a friend just like a comet
.45 to face, i promise, won’t be long ’til i’m gone, b+tch
if you try me, come along with that
the rest will see me run in [?] away, the broken promise
then i f+ck up, then check the rest and stay, my essence
never mind the cover reaper breathing, so stuck in
my eyes feel like the sun up
i won’t spend my time invested in another lover
just focus on my work, don’t come for breath
i like the summer

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