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buddhå lefløre. – different rapper… lyrics


not every rapper the same so…

*clear throat*

[verse 1]
alright look
your momma said
“stay away from these rappers girl
they full of cr-p girl
they only wanna f-ck and expose you to the f-ckin’ world”
but that shit ain’t true, cause before i was famous
i was that n-gg- who was laying up in bed with you
having deep conversations
while playing with your curls
telling you when i get up to the top baby
i promise to buy you all the diamonds and pearls
when i step on stage baby
just know i’m doing it all for you
i’m not doing it for the ten million of girls
i’m still the same kid, the only difference is i’m just richer
no matter how popular i get, my n-gg-, i promise to always be with her
sometimes when i feel like a loser
she always find a way to make me feel like a winner
baby girl you don’t have to be perfect for me
we was all born to be a sinner
so stop stressing my love and smile for the picture

never forgettin’ from where i came
and no matter where i’m headed, i promise to stay the same…

[verse 2]
okay look
my rhymes is a mixture of ghetto and love
i need a b-tch who’s savage
but at the same time, i need a girl who’s as sweet as a dove
who’s not afraid to break these n-gg-‘s heart just to put that one n-gg- above
when i’m alone in my room sometimes i stare at the wall
thinkin’ about my little princess hoping that she can call
telling her how i’ma spoil her whenever we go to the mall
tryna impress her with my sk!lls but i don’t play ball
my feelings is something i ain’t afraid to reveal
it only been a week and already we got something real
i can feel the feelings already but i can’t explain how it feels
this have been unappreciated and i’m just spitting the real

never forgettin’ from where i came
and no matter where i’m headed, i promise to stay the same