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buffy – i’ll remember you (from the episode agel in the fi lyrics


it’s day break
and you are asleep
i can hear you breathe now
your breath is deep
but before i go
i look at you one last time
i can hear a heart beat
is it yours
or is it mine?

i look at your lips
i know how soft they can be
did they know what they wanted
the times
they kissed me?

and your hands
i held in mine
now there up-posed on a pillow
will they ever miss me
some time?

i’ll remember you
you will be there in my heart
i’ll remember you
that is all that i can do
but i’ll remember

your eyes
they always make me
now they are closed
they just sometimes twitch
a little

and your body
i can hold for an hour
it sent me to hea-ven
with it’s speed and power

chours: x2