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built to spill – alright lyrics


we can make it alright
we can make it alright today
we can have a new life
we can start a whole ‘nother way
we can take it all back
so we can say whatever we feel
we can make it alright
we can make it alright and real

now you can see i’ve got nothing to hide
isn’t it strange we’re still strangers inside?
we can’t do what we want, so we do what we can
f+ck all those people who don’t understand

and your eyes will never see
they mean everything to me
and i can’t see you without them
and i’ll see this to the end
you’re better than a friend
ah, we’ll never know

why can’t we just get along?
how can we get each other so wrong?
back and forth ’til all meaning is gone

and i’ll open up for you
but i’m not a parachute
i can’t keep you from falling
take some chances on yourself
you belong to something else
ah, we’ll never know

life goes on and on year after year
don’t recommend it, but i’m glad i’m still here
let’s get up and get over this fear