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bulk requiem – mass destruction lyrics


br verse :

the world is an enchanting place
filled with wonder
i wonder, how many will regain this feeling in life
after passing the teenage years
highlighting adolescent years
many f+cked up years
notice things you do today automatically and without thinking
default decision pattern is affecting things
substitute of a new behavior can hardly exist
it’s hard to move past inhibitions that are holding you back
let me in fact get to the point
how one’s destruction can affect all
they say when you chill with 4 fools guess who’s the next fool? you!
if a group of fools arе seeking too be influential in gathering, doing crazy things for attеntion
it goes so far with silly thoughts of ruining society, mass destruction when dope boys be mobbing, clowning ruthless crew up too

br refrain :
beware of mass destruction in your location
mass destruction in your station