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burghindy - in our way lyrics


makin’ the check
flippin’ the bills
look at me now
mama so proud
makin’ the check
flippin’ the bills
look at me now
mama so proud

[verse 1]
so proud of me
they doubted me
i got in my bag just now
i’m boutta hit the spot
on the way downtown
don’t look at me like that
you are just another rat
i’m boutta smoke a pack
and dance all on your grave
have you missin’ for days
and you just another haze
keep on going that way
we are not to be played with
b+tch you in our way
guess somebody didn’t warn ya
bout all this torture
now are you for sure
that you weren’t forewarned
it was get in my bag or get off my level
we makin’ thеm racks and get ‘em embеveled
turn them to stacks then deal with the devil
our life is a book
read it and weep
you are just a f+cking crook
you are not the new look
i think you mistook
that must be, leavin you shooked
my hunch be, even you cooked
ooh, you cooked
sh+t, you cooked
you look cooked
i guess you’re cooked
boy you’re cooked
you really cooked
boy you cooked
lookin’ f+ckin’ stupid

hold up, hold up
let’s just try again real quick

[verse 2]
stackin’ my dollars
look at my wallet
h+lla f+ckin’ thick
thick as ya’ momma (momma)
milf of the week, aw yeah
she a freak, for sure
i’m boutta get me some more
have her clawin’ at my door
now check out this sh+t
got a donut on my d+ck
she boutta l!ck that sh+t up
when i beat that b+tch up
i’m all up in her guts
call the milk maid right now
i need to go to town
i’m boutta l!ck up her body
’cause this sh+t is gettin’ naughty
it’s a party

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