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burna boy – mary jane lyrics


woah woah woah x3

if you gat something to say
you should say it to my face yeah

i know who you loving ain’t my business at all
but if you give it to me, i’ll be back for some more
just let me do you like a mary jane
and i love you, i will say it yeah e

girl all the n-gg-s you f-cking with ain’t f-cking with with my n-gg-s
came in here, they know my name
but they don’t know you n-gg-s

i’m so clean. fresh off the scene, i’m stuntin’ on you n-gg-s
this is for them long nights i spent on my knees, screaming “god bless my n-gg-s”

i ain’t getting no rest, my n-gg-
feeling so hopeless my n-gg-
living out the projects my n-gg-
now i ain’t got no stress i’m…
swimming in the money, drowning in the deep end
you can hear me coming as i light the weed

promise i ain’t even tryin. that means everybody lying

trying to tell me i can’t smoke anymore? oh no no no no no no