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busta rhymes – if you don’t know now you know lyrics


(feat. big tigger)

we’re live in five, four, three, two, one!

[big tigger]
welcome everybody, you are “live in the den”
with big tigger hangin out today with one of my friends

[busta rhymes (tigger)]
whattup, okay if you ain’t know it be one of the best of all time
busta bust for short, for some better know me bust’ rhymes
(what’s good?) maintainin (same here, just smashin)
(how the fam?) they all good my n-gg-, thanks for askin
you and yours?

[big tigger (busta)]
we all blessed, things ain’t too bad
still dealin with last year’s sudden loss of my dad
(man, my condolences) thanks dawg, let’s begin
ain’t seen you in a sec, busta what you been up to since then?

[busta rhymes]
stayin healthy and keepin it movin while i just be showin
these other n-gg-z how to do it while i’m constantly growin
i’ve been learnin a lot, and still earnin a lot of money crazy
doin my thing and securin a win for all my babies

[big tigger]
aight, well it’s clear in this new year you’ve been busy
but how you been dealin with the drama of the loss of your man izzy?

[busta rhymes]
it’s been one of the most traumatic times and i’ll never forget it
i’m survivin, thus bein a punchin bag for those affected
it’s somethin that i accepted, it was hard to understand
the way things happen, but in the end i guess it’s god’s plan

[big tigger]
word, heard you beefin with five-oh, couple cases on rotation
and on top of that, bust’ rhymes is now on probation?

[busta rhymes]
yeah, and i thank judge stevens and we was happy to see
that he ain’t send me up north cause i got a family to feed

[big tigger]
changed your image up last year, cut the dreads down low
and also, gave the appearance of some major muscles
now on the low streets been talkin like it usually do
busta bust, help us out, the public needs to know

[busta rhymes]
just for the record the reason a n-gg- cut off the dread
i had to shed, tired of carryin weight on my head
secondly, it’s all good when n-gg-z talk, well they need to back it up
only needles i use is when i tat-tat-tat it up

[big tigger (busta)]
uhh, some people sayin you changed, even your flipmode fam (uh-huh)
i heard the word’s came safe from rah digga and baby sham (right)
said you (p-ssed the courvoisier) to pick up a gun
said you more concerned about bein hard than havin fun

[busta rhymes]
yo, wow tig’, i see you takin it there; you got your -rs-nal, huh?
i think i know where you got that from, that vibe article bruh
the press’ll turn your family against each other for ‘fetti, to sell a book
besides we all talked already and we good

[big tigger (female)]
wowwww, that’s what’s up, be clear it’s goin down
and if you wanna holla at bust call us up right now
phone lines is open, what y’all, wanna discuss?
what’s good caller, you “live in the den” with big tig’ and bust
(hey tig’!) what’s good ma? (enjoyin the show)
(but there’s somethin about busta i’ve been dyin to know)
well holla at him

[unknown female (busta)]
hey busta (what’s good ma?)
i’ve been a fan since way back when you dropped “woo-hah”
(woo-hah!!) yeahhhh, that was my joint
every alb-m since then always been on point
(thank you) videos and big shows is hardcore
so why you think your alb-ms haven’t sold more?

[busta rhymes]
well baby, the nature of the business is unstable
especially when your project ain’t properly promoted by your label
e’ry alb-m i put out gold or platinum, just a second
check the hardware on my walls is major, just for the record

[big tigger]
read about you in a book or two
now tell me bust, please discuss, were they all lies or some of it true?

[busta rhymes]
well i read about you in a couple of books too son
but i don’t even know, tell me which book you readin from

[big tigger] aight, next caller

[unknown female (busta)]
hey busta, heard about you on miss jones
(why you bringin up old sh-t? you need to leave that alone)
so i’m sayin, is it true what she said?
did you jump right out from between her legs and start fryin eggs?

[busta rhymes]
i can’t remember exactly but i used to ride to her hood
and pick her up all hours a night, thought the p-ssy was good
’bout 15 years ago, sh-t
i can’t imagine she’d remember that a n-gg- made a mean egg sandwich

[big tigger]
i seen a couple websites try to put you on blast (uh-huh)
with your relationship with homegirl with the real fat -ss

[busta rhymes]
who? you talkin ’bout deelishis? yeah her body is vicious
she like trouble; thus we only friends, y’all made us a couple

[big tigger]
how do you deal with the gossip, rumors and lies
and feelin like each and every move you make is -n-lyzed?

[busta rhymes]
yo, it’s all good, you see the blessing is a gift and a curse
to be in a position i am, sh-t could be worse

[big tigger]
i know my time’s runnin short so let me get to this thought
i’m sure you wanna thank your fans for all of their support

[busta rhymes]
absolutely, see y’all are why i shine like the sun
big up to all my peeps who been ridin with me since day one
it’s why i walk the streets with pride, you n-gg-z know how i sh-t it
it’s why i rep it thorough for all the fans who stay committed

[big tigger]
busta, now you’ve been gettin it in since way back when
so what you say to critics sayin you can’t do it again?

[busta rhymes]
see i ain’t gotta say sh-t to ’em, i’m off to somethin else
n-gg- check my rã©sumã©, b-tch it speak for itself
it’s why i always do what i do, and i big up my chest
god put his hands on me, you could see that i’m blessed
and i’m grateful

[big tigger]
aight! it’s time to go
but i thank y’all for tunin on in to the “live in the den” show

[busta rhymes]
and if you don’t knowww, now you know
and if you don’t knowww, now you know, n-gg-

[outro: tigger (busta)]
holla busta [both men ad libbing]
(yes, yes, yes) [ad libbing]
(yes, yes, yes) [laughing]
that’s what’s up man, holla (ha ha ha, you crazy n-gg-)