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ballout kyle – reason lyrics

you lame n-gg-s creepy make her wonder like she stevie she on tape like she mimi john cena you can’t see me hit yo b-tch till she creamy all you n-gg-s wanna be me get it wet like its figi make her work like she riri

i get more head than a brain get more neck than a chain in the whip switching lanes chilling with yo boo thang chris brown and usher butch i think i need a new flame and i don’t bang with you b-ms we are nothing the same i mean we’re nothing alike los pored a 4 in a sprite he got some hoes for the night we get them higher than kites my hair stay looking trife that’s the sh-t that i like yo girl the b-tch that i like she sucking d-ck for the night and i’m serious curious like george but not delerious i’m furious mad cause y’all n-gg-s be on irri sh-t pop a bottle pop a model bend her over go full throttle she suck the d-ck she better swallow or see ya tomorrow oh sh-t big kyle here we go again typing in yo notes to win bout to hit the road with 10 she hopped in with her friend finna hit em again he sending shots send them again trend setter setting the trend look what just happened to him he won’t be rapping again his lips won’t be flapping again my mans won’t be scr-pping and i started snapping again on this loose btc i like the way she give head she got them loose lips she know a n-gg- keep it 100 like blue strip the reason why you broke n-gg- you be on that bullsh-t get yo -ss swept ain’t talking no f-cking broom sticks quick to poke a b-tch like quebb-lls and pool sticks my mans they move sticks and you don’t want no problems i getta lot mouth i’m kinda a orthodontist big kyle b-tch luxury at its finest i’m a king in the bed say yes sir your hinest chops h-t his -ss make it look like he crumping i’ll make a p-ssy bleed like a b-tch on her monthly i’ll drop a freak b-tch if she thinking that i’m cuffing told the b-tch keep sucking till big kyle start c-mming and i’m gunning because you n-gg-s some hoes y’all sharing yo clothes you n-gg-s is gross you doing the most my n-gg-s are bros we sharing these hoes we splitting these pros we playing are roles you don’t and thats the reason you broke

- ballout kyle lyrics

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