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bando $hawty – reckless [prod. 1klowkey x tycoon] lyrics


youngest n-gg- doing that sh-t, man
trap that sh-t out
you know what it is, bro
bando $hawty

[verse 1]
bro just hit my line saying, “n-gg-, you so reckless”
i just f-cked another n-gg- b-tch, she from texas
f-cking that b-tch with no stamina, yeah, shawty got me breathless
but i’m just like gates, i don’t get tired, so i’m restless

you cuffing that hoe? i know that b-tch got you stressing
oh, that’s her up on my line, let’s see what she been texting
if she in my messages, best believe that we s-xing
big -ss pistol on my waist, it’s a lethal weapon
with the 30 clip, i should call that lil b-tch stephen
but i’ll beat a n-gg- -ss, i don’t need no weapon

on ig i’m with the bands, haters ask, “why he flexing?”
but it wasn’t nothing but a couple hunnid, i call that stretching
good gas pack, b-tch you know i’m never stressing
f-cked over my opponent, he ain’t learn his lesson
bando show you how to trap, b-tch come get a lesson
yes, i love them glocks, but i still tote the smith & wesson

[verse 2]
yes, i be with master
that’s a jiggy b-st-rd
sick up on that lsd
he don’t know what happened
jack up in the cut
samurai, he come through slashing
og, he so reckless, he might come through this b-tch blasting

chewy hanging out the whip
yes, he might just f-ck your b-tch
got a couple thot hoes
yeah, they love sucking d-ck
zoddy boys up in this b-tch
n-gg-, name a harder clique
whole gang on top soon
destin just to slaughter sh-t

that b-tch call me daddy, but no, i ain’t her father sh-t
next time you hear heat like this, it’s wayne drop the carter 6
hit yo’ -ss up in the face, no, it ain’t no selfie stick
why you hating on me, n-gg-? why yo’ b-tch all on my d-ck?
give me a couple months, i bet i have a f-cking foreign whip
sipping lean and smoking gas, i call it the starter kit

shoot you just like marbles, b-tch
you know that i keep the tool, but i ain’t talking f-cking wrench
never hit the p-ssy if it got a motherf-cking stench
kick that b-tch up out the whip
i just kicked that b-tch up out the whip

hardest sh-t n-gg-
you know what it is man
trap, you know, shoutout all the gang, you feel me
shoutout all the n-gg-s, you know

super saiyan gang, all that sh-t, you know
shoutout them zoddy boys, you know
shoutout wildlife, shoutout all my n-gg-s, you feel me
hardest sh-t coming

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