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bellamy brothers – my indiana lady lyrics


first time i saw her standing on the highway
watching all the trucks roll by
she was a dark hair, indiana lady, pretty as the
morning sky
so we went to a little place, down the road, just one
more mile
the sun was shining on her face for a moment only she
looked sad and lonely that she’s got the weirdest smile

ref: my indiana, indiana lady, you put a little spell
on me
my indiana, indiana lady, your heart is beating wild
and free
your eyes are bright and ocean-deep, just like the sky
so blue
my indiana, indiana lady, i think i fell in love with

i turned around and headed for the highway trying to
forget her eyes
i looked into the mirror and i saw her standing like
the key to paradise
so i turned around again and i stopped there at her
as she whispered while she said
“stay until tomorrow, stay until tomorrow, stay and be
my guest tonight”

[repeat ref]

last time i saw her in the light of morning
rain was running down her face
though i have to leave her, all her private p-ssion hit
my heart a million ways
indiana girls don’t cry, so she gave me a little smile
and i waved the last goodbye
headed for the highway, headed for the highway, it was
just another mile

[repeat ref]

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