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beth hart – at the bottom lyrics


at the bottom

[beth hart]

hold in my breath-not taking a step
the good church has closed its doors on me
god don’t like my dirty feet

burnin’ the lawn-everyone’s gone
ain’t no bbq going on today
i drink my dinner in the shade


days & days go by
children laughin’
still i don’t smile at all
mary’s calling to me
“can’t you see what i see”
she would never let me down


it’s been a long time at the bottom
i spend a lot of time way down there
it’s been a long time at the bottom
i don’t know how i made it here

been livin’ a lie-my kisses are dry
i got no where else left to run
my love is blind deaf and dumb

heaven can’t wait-to lock up the gate
tell me that i never could be long
i had my chance but got it wrong

[prechorus: repeat]

[chorus: repeat]

mother mary stay with me
don’t let me die
you’re the only god part left of my trash
god knows i can’t change me
i’ve tried and tried
i never meant to make you cry

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