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bishop allen – a tiny fold lyrics


i don’t know how long i stayed in bed
the day is surely dead
and once again, i’m sleeping with the book i read
and colorfully and candidly
it points the way so childishly ahead

i guess i will make it through the day
to learn i’ve lost my way
and once again, my heavy heart is made of clay
and distant sh-r-s unseen by men
they call to me to set my sails away
to set my sails away
for distant sh-r-s, okay

i can’t seem to fit where i belong
i tune myself a song
and even then, i can’t quite figure out what’s wrong
and will i end a broken man whose hands half-filled
even though they once seemed strong?

i still have nothing to my name
so brightly burns the flame
and even then, i’ve spent my life so wrecklessly
the stories on the page i read
they make me seem so timid and afraid
so timid and afraid
a tiny fold away

and on and on and endlessly
the promises and the pagentry
and those who live so fearlessly
if i could live so fearlessly
i mark my place, a tiny fold
and once again, i find myself alone

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