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blackthorn – emptysis kiss lyrics

life is coming in and out of me
all foretime was just a sleep
what’s for real, nothing but
this moment: splendent, wisping loveliness…

there, above the monumental
clouds of grey
i yell, but no sound
aeon echoes
silence grimly starts to dement

ðœð¸ð³ ð·ð°ð±ð²ðµð½ð½ð¾ð¹ ðºñ€ð°ñð¾ñ‚ñ‹:
ð½ð°ð´ ð²ðµñ‡ð½ð¾ññ‚ñœñž ñð¼ðµñññœ,
ð¢ñ‹, ð²ðµð»ð¸ðºð¾ðµ ð½ð¸ñ‡ñ‚ð¾, ð±ð¾ð¶ðµññ‚ð²ðµð½ð½ð°ñ ð³ñ€ñð·ñœ,
ð’ ð¿ð°ññ‚ð¸ ð°ð»ñ‹ñ… ð¾ðºðµð°ð½ð¾ð² ñƒð²ð»ðµðºð°ðµñˆñœ ð²ð½ð¾ð²ñœ,
ð“ð´ðµ ðµð´ð¸ð½ñ‹ ð² ð¿ð¾ñ†ðµð»ñƒðµ – ñð²ðµñ‚ ð¸ ð¶ð¸ð·ð½ñœ ð¸ ðºñ€ð¾ð²ñœ

termination from the start
withal he-rs-cloth did us part
mercifully, oh deep in my mind i
still need you, in any form

leave me be.
no, don’t void me!
we must away together, for we…
. keep in mind, for we were the same
night of tongues and flame

surfeited with pleasures and pains,
with carnal flesh, cold remains
wish to vomit out them all
from my life, my body,
my soul

run away from this place
may my heart lie in the snow,
for it is my misery, my wormwood
and the gall

… ð˜ ñð³ð¾ñ€ñž ñ ð´ð¾ñ‚ð»ð° ð½ð° ñ…ð¾ð»ð¾ð´ð½ð¾ð¼ ð²ðµñ‚ñ€ñƒ
ð˜ ð² ð¿ðµñ€ññ‚ð°ñ… ñ‚ð¸ñˆð¸ð½ñ‹ ñ ñ€ð°ñññ‹ð¿ð»ñžññœ ð±ðµð·ð¶ð¸ð·ð½ðµð½ð½ñ‹ð¼ ð¿ñ€ð°ñ…ð¾ð¼
ð¯ ññ‚ð¾ñž, ñƒññ‚ñ€ðµð¼ð»ññ ñð²ð¾ð¹ ð²ð·ð¾ñ€ ð² ð±ðµñðºð¾ð½ðµñ‡ð½ñƒñž ñ‚ñœð¼ñƒ
ð‘ðµð· ñ‚ðµñ€ð·ð°ð½ð¸ð¹, ð±ðµð· ð±ð¾ð»ð¸, ð±ðµð· ññ‚ñ€ð°ñ…ð°

(ð˜ ñ€ð°ñññ‹ð¿ð»ñžññœ ð±ðµð·ð¶ð¸ð·ð½ðµð½ð½ñ‹ð¼ ð¿ñ€ð°ñ…ð¾ð¼)

- blackthorn lyrics

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