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blake fades – beeper lyrics

fades world i might take your favorite girl



i pull up on scene-a i’m too cold you might catch fever
i ain’t with that creeping keep that nina millimeter
set it off like queen latifah
got to pray to jesus i’m just trying to make some cheese before i got to see the reaper
got these hoes all on my beeper ay woah
she feel my aura like she rita ay woah
i come thru floating off that reefer ay woah
ay i’m just glad i get to see today

[verse 1]:

yeah i pull up like i’m on lean-a player my demeanor
skrt off in that screamer you can’t see me like i’m cena
serve these hoes like i’m serena ay woah
she dreaming of me like selena ay woah
i got to make it cause they need a way
boy i’m too me to fake
bro got caught up i paid that lawyer so he beat the case
she say i’m cold i say i know i might just freeze her ay
the young boy icy even when i got that heater ay
now girl get out my way
i push that coupe like f-ck some brakes
i did 135 today
then hit hibachi got that steak
i eat her like she on my plate
woah she got that water i’ma stroke
swimming thru them thighs i get the gold
i’m from opg and thats for sure

– [ h o o k ] –

[verse 2]:

not from the city, country like i’m willie
bad boy like i’m diddy trying to hop off in that bentley
i’m proud like penny, got redbull in my henny
my game too good no glitches
watch her bounce that -ss like switches
all up on the beat
swear they not close to me
i lay her down then give it to her to that jodeci
i drop them cookies in a cone ain’t never rolled a sweet
man i’m just sipping mixing lifted like i’m supposed to be
now girl get out my way
i say i’m good she say i’m great
-sshole by nature like i’m trae
family tradition like i’m hank
they love that ocean boy fades
and lately i been getting faded with my baby
now watch me ball like im calvin cambridge

– [ h o o k ] –

- blake fades lyrics

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