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blake – flexin lyrics


flexin on n-gg-s i’m extra
watch how i apply that pressure
white b-tch look like cinderella
shawty gave me head in her sketchers
brand new b-tch, i don’t need her
oh i’m trash, why you begging for a feature?
i think n-gg-s gone need a plan b
cuz i come to hard through the speakers
wait, panoramic roof in the whip
pop out the cut, let it rip
on my p’s and q’s, i’m slipping
never kiss that b-tch, blunt on my lips
whole lotta sh-t when left
had to get right by myself
spent about 5 on my waist but these little n-gg-s bouta make me take off my belt
got a whole lotta b-tches
b-tches on my d-ck seem pretty
you don’t f-ck with me, you silly
age 18 bought a e-350
now my wrist real frozen like disney
b-tch no please, i can’t take no pictures
no, i can’t follow back on twitter
but look, imma hit that p-ssy with a favorite
and imma leave it with a retweet to my n-gg-s
aye, really spent a rack on my wrist
aye, imma watch these n-gg-s throw a fit
you in love with her?
stop tripping n-gg- that’s both our b-tch
n-gg- why you mad?
i like to tweet, tweet, tweet, head-ss
i’m broke so i’m mad looking -ss
funny -ss n-gg-, get off your -ss and get some cash
pull of in a jet
n-gg- might just pull off in a jet
ain’t no break, straight gas
200 on the dash
y’all n-gg-s talk to much
now i’m on your motherf-cking -ss
yea i got them racks
so imma cash out on s-x
imma hit that b-tch from the back
and n-gg- if you ask
i’m in my own lane, if they really wanna know where i’m at

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