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blunt force – bulwhip constelation (stilleto sun) lyrics

[verse 1: kevgina, adlibs by wisewallen]
macaroni and cheese
hot dogs on the freeze
i’m freezing hot dogs cuz they need to be preserved
for the week
can’t sell them on the shelf
fourth of july with some elves
call me a keebler elf
cuz i’m makin that cookie and i’m baking that cake
like a chef, yeah
cook steak knife, yeah i cook everyday
b-tch i cook everyday
cook steak knife b-tch i book everyday
and i lick a shot every d-mn day
hey, hey , i’m gonna hit the hay
cuz i’m sleepy, sleepy like a, like a rat
rat in the sewer, pizza rat
new york, new york, new york i trap where i trap
trap in the subway, subway tunnels
and i trap with the wii beat
wiivert, miiverse
me first on the beat
with the mii, mii, wii, playin wii tennis
call me serena williams on wii tennis
i serve, hit the ace, ace serve, ace hood flow
b-tch i’m like, skepta
ain’t got a ace hood flow
on that youtube red yo soundcloud go
i ain’t pay for sh-t
i ain’t pay for sh-t (yup)
i ain’t pay for sh-t (yup)
soundcloud go, spotify premium, apple music
b-tch i ain’t paying for sh-t (yup)
i ain’t paying for no music
illegal download (yup)
ya, ya, ya, ya illegal download ah (yup)
whipping and i’m nae nae (yup)
hit the doge every day (yup)
whipping and i nae nae
hit the doge every day (ah)
sleeping with our eyes shut
that’s how we do it (yup)
sleeping with our eyes shut
that’s how we do it
yeah, we out here sleeping
sleep on the track
say are you sleep?
no b-tch i’m wake
i wake every day
i wake up, that’s why i’m still alive
if i didn’t wake up i’d be dead
if i didn’t wake up i’d be dead
maybe i’m already dead (yup)
how loud am i right now? (yup)
how high am i right now? (yup)
why the f-ck am i still going? this is just a freestyle (yup)
this is just a freestyle (yup)(yup)
why am i- (laughter)
youtube youtube youtube
conga drum line on that b-tch
call me drum line like the movie, like the movie
big lebowski like the movie
big on th-
yeah that’s my c-
uh uh
monkey in a banana (yup)
monkey with a banana (yup)
take that money (yup)
like its a banana (yup)
and i’m a monkey (curious george)
that money don’t scare me though
that money don’t make me frightened
i love that money
that money can’t make me, like a t-tan
big on money
i’m big
big lil homie
lil homie but i’m big
lil homie but i’m on small
d-ck on shrimp, shrimping on this chick
chilling on the couch
i’m like shrim
like ray wise, leland palmer
uh duh duh laura palmer
i’m a twin peaks on that- (incoherent mumbling)
gorilla-(incoherence)- harambe
i’m a gorilla
cause i, i take your kids, and drag me in the water
and then i wanna get shot cause i wanna die
got a death wish i don’t wanna be alive
please just end me now
i need to be ended right now please
like just now, please
god dammit, i don’t wanna die
i don’t even wanna-
suicides not a meme though
no meme dude, nah delete it
delete it, ay
yo yo
curly d-ck like a duck
curly fry french fry onion ring
i got some onions on the-
yo i’m outta like brain power
i’m outta like brain power right now

[verse 2: paul creenis]
[verse 3: kevgina]
i can’t keep sleeping in windowsills
i’m not a cat
i’m not a cat
i don’t drink milk from a bowl
cause i’m not a cat, yeah
i am ethan vo
this is ethan david said don’t bring snacks
but i brought a snack
brought a feast to the track
then i feasted on it
ate the track like a cannibal
(that’s the end of the song)
call me hannibal
(f-ck off) yeahh

- blunt force lyrics

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