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bobby trill – princess mononoke lyrics

[verse 1: bobby trill]
girl you know you can call me
hit the iphone, my princess mononoke
playin’ wii u, super smash brothers on
swervin’ off this alize, foreign nissan
to numb the pain…you kept me spirited away
i’m feelin’ strange, all these things we forgot to say
i’m on my way…these diamonds hangin’ from my fist
icy like my chain, holographics twerkin’ on my wrist
from lucid dreams, they got me flyin’ overseas
to neo tokyo, i left my heart for everything
but now i’m gone, this potion got me feelin’ strong
resurrected by a sage, water armor on
i’m in the mall, watch me ball, gotta spend it all
i got a fist full of yen, and a master ball
i’m in the mall, watch me ball, gotta spend it all
just pokemon’ you know i gotta catch ’em all

[verse 2: hentai dude]
girl you my mononoke
i’ll be yo senpai, okay
i gotchu girl, yeah watchu need
i got that bread so i spend those sheets
these 3d girls ain’t okay
but 2d be my forte
hentai god up in those sheets
yung yuuki rito, on those t–ts
jump in my car, yo girl be knowin’ whats next
hit the con, we spendin those checks
wee-aboos… are mad so we flex
2d girls, they always the best
hentai san, im all bout the chest
moe girl just show me those br–sts
do not go and test
i am the main senpai, those others come last
i’m levelin up, we readin that sm-t
i spend all that money at cons just to nut
my luggage be filled, with hentai appeal
my waif coefficient be way off the deal
i keep it so real, senpai got that skill
yo imoutos love me, onii-chan surreal
yo girls be below me, senpai-s-x-appeal
like kogami stuntin, my gun set to kill

- bobby trill lyrics

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