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bobby vinton – my way of life lyrics


i’m all alone, walkin’ down the highway
ain’t goin’ nowhere, but that’s my way of life

i never had no one to love me,
never a girl to call my own,
never would take a chance
to fool with romance
guess i’m too used to bein’ alone

n-body wants a drifter
and i gotta keep moving on
nothin’ to tie me down
when i wanna leave town
n-body to miss me when i’m gone


i never had a lot of ambition
but i always made my own way
by turnin’ a couple of jobs
in some ladies’ backyard
i average about a dollar a day

i wake up early each mornin’
and before i started on my way,
i get some cigarettes
and a couple of cups of coffee,
sweepin’ the local city café


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