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brad blackwell – i do lyrics


verse 1:
do you ever wish that you could hit rewind
that you had the power to go back in time
and change that one thing that stays on your mind
like when i said we’re through, cuz i do

do you reminisce about how we used to be
ridin with the windows down in my old jeep
do you think about that night you turned 17
i do, under the light of the moon
cause i do, yes i do


cause i tried to move on and to live without you
i try to be strong, and keep this to myself but i can’t
so if you ever wonder girl if i still love you
baby i do, yes i do.

verse 2:

do you ever wish that this was all a dream
in the mornin that you’d wake up lyin right next to me, tell me do ya
still hold your breath everytime the phone rings, ah baby
do you miss me and you? cause i do

repeat chorus


you don’t have to wonder no more
i tried to leave, make it alone
but it’s killin me to do this on my own
baby all i need, is to just come home.

repeat chorus

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