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brave combo – j’ai faim, toujours lyrics

i’m so hungry
i can hardly think
i’m so hungry
never mind the drinks
i live upon the boulevard
i live a life that’s very hard
won’t someone, some kind soul, help me out?
refrain (sung twice each time)

(lauren & carl)
j’ai faim, toujours
toujours, j’ai faim
i’m hungry

lauren: sometimes kind men
carl: sometimes kind men
l: frequent these cafes
c: frequent these cafes
l: only blind men
c: only blind men
l: don’t pause to appraise
c: don’t pause to appraise
l: i love to drink cold allgote
i’d love to sample cuisines haute
here i beg on the rue pigalle


l & c: yes my hunger, is a shameful fact
and i want more than a snack
maybe i’ll kiss you, for a while
if you’ll feed me, in high style

l: aren’t you hungry c: aren’t you hungry
l: for my company? c: for my company?
l: aren’t you hungry? c: aren’t you hungry?
l: so let’s go to eat c: so let’s go to eat

a life of struggle, i call mine
but we’ll have fun, please p-ss the wine
won’t you please, take a chance on me?



- brave combo lyrics

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