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bravehearts – situations (feat. nas) lyrics

(feat. jully black, nas)
[intro (nas)]
yeahhhhh i’ma do it from back hereee
what up braveheart? what it taste like daddy? (chocolate cake n-gg-)
yeah that’s what i’m talking about that’s how it’s supposed to be
life is beautiful
yo this girl tried to play me thow .. so i had to ya know ..
i had to do my thing to step it up
get right with a new one ..
now i’m feeling alright so everythings all good
[chorus: jully black]
(it’s alrightttttt)
nothing ever gonna nothings ever gonna come between me and you
baby i just got to let you know (knowwww)
nothing ever gonna nothings ever gonna come between me and you
i promise you the sun moon and stars
[verse 1: jungle]
we used to meet at the motel
heart break hotel
body hypnotic exotic as h-ll
got a n-gg- in a spell
she from my dreams
girl taste good like carvelle ice cream
a few tatoo’s on her b-tter soft skin
i gave my support when she had that abortion
remember i could make you warm in the winter
buy you a mink coat every december
and laugh and joke about the sh-t we been threw
then you open your legs and say be gentle
i’ll try i can see they spark in your eyes
it’s gonna be fireworks like the fourth of july
untouchable, unbreakable, intimate, multiple -rg-sms .. when i be rippin it
your favorite positions, neighbours be listening, hating and wishing that
our relationship end
but you my brave girl
[chorus: jully black]
[verse 2: wiz]
now let me tell you what i am here to do
my baby girl is stuck stupid looking misserable ma keep your head up
cause ma i’m right here let’s do the d-mn thing girl it can’t be love

- bravehearts lyrics

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