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bryan adams – she’s only happy when she’s dancin’ lyrics

bryan adams
she’s only happy when she’s dancing
monday mornin’ – it’s time to get up
two cups of coffee and she runs for the bus
looks in the window and fixes her hair
n-body notices and n-body cares

she admits it ain’t no kinda life
workin’ 9 to 5 you know…


she’s only happy when she’s dancin’
there ain’t no place she’d rather be
when she’s dancin’
just her heart and her soul and her fantasies

when friday evenin’ finally rolls around
she grabs a taxi and she heads uptown
goes to a place they call “the ball and chain”
nothin’ matters until monday so she goes insane

well its a b-tch tryin’ to make ends meet
but that’s the way the story goes


she’s only happy when she’s dancin’
there ain’t nothin’ makes her feel so free
when she’s dancin’
the girl’s outrageous and it’s plain to see


she ain’t got much but she got independence
ya – she’s doin’ alright
his eyes are on her as the evenin’s endin’
but she ain’t goin’ for no mystery
because n-body rides for free


- bryan adams lyrics

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